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Sportvot is a platform that provides an online channel to stream sports events and help discover sports talent from the grassroots of India.

Stream Every Game
Stream LIVE using just your smartphone or any video camera, choose from a range of premium scoring graphics, add sponsor cues, enable detailed scoring, stream from multiple angles, and add LIVE commentary
List & Manage tournaments
If you are a tournament organiser, list your tournament, get the best players to participate in them and collect digital payments on a single platform
Create and Maintain Player Identities
Capture your in game moments and maintain your detailed stats linked to your video. Create and share your profile with clubs and various sports bodies
Broadcast to a Global Audience
Digitise every game and reach out to a global audience via SportVot and JIO Set-Top Box!
Get Access to Better Opportunities
Apply for trials with the best clubs, register and play in the best tournaments. Move ahead in your career
Clip and Share every Moment
Create and share your favourite in-game moment across all digital platforms in just a click!
Discover Next-Gen Talent
If you are a scout or a coach looking to scout the next wave of talent, you will find them all here
Interactive Player Cards
Flaunt your skills and grow your following with SportVot’s automated shareable player cards
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Stream LIVE Sports, Get Instant Highlights, And Key Moments From Every Match, Choose Your Favourite Moments And Create Shareable Player Cards To Flaunt Your Skills To The World!

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Sportvot Is India’s Leading Platform To Support Local Indian Sporting Talent. A Multi-Sports OTT Platform With In-Depth Performance Analysis, Player Profiling, And Data Solutions For Grassroots-Level Community Sports. Download The App Now!